What we do

Succession planning

Disposal of shares in the context of succession plans or attempts at diversification of entrepreneurs or their families

We acquire minority and minority shares
We customise the disposal of shares over time
We are flexible in regards to the timing of any transaction
We live partnerships and offer opportunities for participation
We emphasize continuity, employees, experience and innovation

Spin-Off, Buyout / -in

From employee to owner

We have accompanied the carve-out and sale of subsidiaries or part operations of larger companies in the past (spin-off) and have developed these into successful companies
We support management teams in the acquisition of companies (MBO or management buyout)
We provide capital and our experiences as investors and CFO
We ensure an alignment of interests as partners through attractive incentives and an opportunity to invest at attractive conditions

Growth capital

Organic and inorganic growth

We provide capital to realise business opportunities
We provide support in operational challenges, e.g. fast growth or integration of acquisitions
We emphasize a partnership approach to our investment


We like consolidation strategies (buy and build) and are prepared to support the acquisition of a suitable platform

We have experience in planning and executing acquisitions and consolidation strategies
On the basis of many successful acquisitions we believe to be well positioned to help